Many of our leadership consultants deliver internationally. Contact Fredrik Kristoffers and he will help you to find the right consultant for your case and region.

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Helena Bernald

I am based outside Bath in the UK. I work globally and am available for coaching and training in the UK and in Sweden (and elsewhere, by agreement). Native Swedish and native level English speaker.

Having worked with many leaders and management groups over the years, I have seen a need and a desire for a stronger personal leadership, for time management tools that really work and for finding a healthy balance in a world that spins faster every day. In The New Leadership I have found a concept I feel really works to help my clients reach their goals, create long-term positive results, release more time for what they really want to do and feel happy and healthy in the process. More about me.

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Mamta Gera

The experience I have gained from working in large organisations such the BBC, Sky TV and Amazon has given me in the in-sight and knowledge to become an effective Leadership Developer.

Every one of us has dreams and ambitions inside and outside of work, we all have goals we want to achieve and we are all unique in how we achieve this. As a Leadership Coach, I help to achieve those dreams, ambitions and goals whilst using effective techniques to achieve results for you and your company. More about me.




Clive Cary

I have a strong belief that we can all improve the way in which we ‘lead ourselves’, and that doing this invariably helps us to lead and manage other people with greater empathy, and more effectively.

My experiences, both professional and personal, are what I draw on in my work as a leadership developer. I have worked and consulted with blue-chip organisations such as Barclays, Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco and Aviva. Like everyone else, I have enjoyed success, but also experienced redundancy and joblessness. I’ve been fortunate to experience the joys of parenthood; and also suffered long-term illnesses (ulcerative colitis and depression) – all of which have offered me invaluable insights into what it is to be human in a complex, connected and demanding world. More about me.


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