Helena Bernald

Helena Bernald (UK)

I am based outside Bath in the UK. I work globally and am available for coaching and training in the UK and in Sweden (and elsewhere, by agreement). Native Swedish and native level English speaker.

+44 7724 828 404

[email protected]

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“Where are you going?”

This question may echo of a time when our parents used to ask us where we were heading as we dashed out the door to see our friends. Today we may benefit from asking ourselves the same question in order to become more aware of where we are in our life and what direction we would like our life to take. Setting clear goals, combined with our innate, endless potential and a willingness to learn and grow are our golden tickets for the journey towards creating the life we want, on both a personal and professional level.

Having worked with many leaders and management groups over the years, I have seen a need and a desire for a stronger personal leadership, for time management tools that really work and for finding a healthy balance in a world that spins faster every day. In The New Leadership I have found a concept I feel really works to help my clients reach their goals, create long-term positive results, release more time for what they really want to do and feel happy and healthy in the process.

So, where are you going?

All of my professional life I have worked with people, communication, training and leadership. I have worked in managerial positions in different training companies and for the past 18 year in my own business, specialising in effective communication, intercultural skills and inclusive leadership, training and coaching clients to lead, communicate, teach and perform successfully.

Licenced NL Leadership Coach, M.A. in Education.

I like:
Open-mindedness, playfulness, honesty.

I dislike:
Lack of respect, Marmite and pickled onions.

I admire:
People who continue to work for the good of humanity even when they have to defy adversity again and again.

In my free time:
I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether on a long nature walk or dancing in our seats at a Coldplay concert.

I read:
Toni Morrison and Haruki Murakami.

I am good at:
Listening, helping others grow, offering creative solutions and new perspectives.

I am not so good at:
Settling for “good enough” in my own work.

Favourite travel destination:
Istanbul or the fairy tale landscape of Cappadocia in Turkey.